Jeanette Wood

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Jeanette Wood is also known as Mrs. Joseph Wood.

Jeanette is a Christian wife, mother, entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Over the years we have seen the word “success” defined many ways.With rich storytelling and practical teaching, Jeanette shares the meaning of success from her life experience. She is a mother of 11 and grandmother of 4 who has lived off the grid (in a tent) and now owns a multi-million dollar company. Jeanette challenges listeners to live intentionally with eternity in mind.


Jeanette connects with people from all areas of life.

  • Corporations
  • Non-Profits
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Women


“There is nobody quite as great at making meaningful connections as Jeanette.”

David Stelzer- CEO Azure Standard.


Jeanette is a Certified John Maxwell Team Member. Jeanette enjoys creating sales copy, brand strategy, and content marketing for her clients. When she isn’t busy serving others, you’ll find her writing about her faith, family, and food. Jeanette enjoys traveling around the globe discovering a panoramic view of life from the table of others. Reclaiming the Family Table is a topic she has spoken on since 2012.


Jeanette ensures that the central message of my company stays intact while polishing our wording so that we maximize profits and sales.

Joel Ryals, Entrepreneur Fortress K9

Jeanette is the co-founder of Seek Do Teach LLC. Serving entrepreneurs, corporations, and non-profits with a variety of marketing needs. Jeanette serves in advisory positions in hospitals, government, and on community projects. However, Jeanette’s greatest joy is waking early to live life with those she loves most.


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