Special Needs Parenting

Special needs parenting isn’t something that God only calls special moms to do. It’s not “hero parenting” or a life sentence to trials. Special needs parenting is as unique as every fingerprint. It can include parenting a child with a rare disorder or a child who needs some extra help with his/her speech. So why do we differentiate the special needs mom from the mom who doesn’t have any children with health concerns? It might be that we like to find similarities between us, that we find encouragement when we share experiences with someone who’s traveled similar steps as our own, or perhaps it’s comforting to laugh (and cry) with someone who understands that our “normal” doesn’t feel very reasonable. 

Are you a Special Needs Parent? 

If yes, then you’re in the right place. This space offers friendship between moms who share their faith through their experiences. The notes shared on the pages that follow are written by myself and other special needs parents. Each of us shares openly as we navigate the often unexpected turns in motherhood. However, as I look back I see a common theme between each article, God is faithful, capable, and kind. If you need help advocating for a special needs child, want resources for parenting special needs kids, or have questions for other special needs moms then scroll through the articles below. 

Maybe you Know a Special Needs Parent.

A friendship between moms is a precious gift that none of us should underestimate. Yet, friendships with a special needs mom can be tricky. It’s not always comfortable or convenient to be our friend. We’re often called a special needs parent, but what most of us would like you to know about us is that we’re not much different from you. We are determined moms, tired moms, and busy moms who are doing our best to show up every day, just like you. Yes, our days, and nights, might look much different but  Learn how to support and love those who live “normal” different than you. 

Supporting the Special Needs Mom

If you’d like to chat with other special needs moms one on one, make sure you sign up for our private support group. Use the sign-up form that pops up on the bottom of this page or use our contact page if you’re having trouble. I’ll make sure you get the information you need. 

Until our next chat, 

Mrs. Joseph Wood


Duchenne Awareness Day

Duchenne Awareness Day

On Sept. 7th families all across the world are observing Duchenne Awareness day. But if you were to ask any of us, we'd tell you it's not just awareness we're after; what we want is a cure. If you've never heard of Duchenne, also known as DMD, you're not alone....

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