Special needs parenting is messy. You can have it all together one moment, be on top of all the appointments, changes in medication, activity schedule, insurance issues and then… BAM! You discover you’re not on top of any of it. As a special needs mom, I’m baffled by this reality. I can’t imagine what people around me must think. As I was pondering this situation tonight I thought, “I wish everyone knew…”

Then it dawned on me. I can share right here on the blog. If you share your list in the comments pretty soon we’ll have a great list of things we wish others knew about being a special needs parent!

Are you a special needs mom?

What would you want everyone to know?

Here’s my list.

Special Needs Child Mrs. Joseph Wood

Special Needs Parenting: 10 things I wish everyone knew

  1. Just because I’m busy doesn’t mean I’m stressed.
  2. My family and friends deserve a lot of credit (aka chocolate) for being able to love me. I don’t ever take it for granted.
  3. I have gone 987 nights without sleep. If my child can sleep through the night, the beeping machines don’t.
  4. I can laugh at myself. I can cry by myself. I’ve learned a healthy dose of both is best.
  5. I know more about putting in a g-tube than most emergency room doctors do.
  6. Without fail, Airport Security will test my child (because he has a g-tube) for bomb residue. (And if we’re “lucky” they’ll even broadcast it on the intercom to cause a panic).
  7. I’m not a superhero.
  8. The world gets a better version of me because of what God’s taught me as a special needs mom.
  9. I am thankful, really thankful!
  10. I would do it all over again.

Special Needs Parenting Mrs. Joseph Wood

There’s so much more I could add to this list. The reality is that special needs parenting isn’t ever the same. Some days we got this and other days not so much. What you need to know about me today may change in some fashion tomorrow. Life changes fast in a special needs home, and other times it seems like the days drag on way too slow.

Let’s have some fun and put our lists together.

Make sure you leave a comment with your list of what you wish everyone knew below.

Until our next chat,

Mrs. Joseph Wood


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