Come unto me, all ye that labour

and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Are you a tired mom?

Has motherhood left you functioning in pj’s and ponytails more days than you care to admit? If you answered, yes, you’re in good company. Tired moms know that exhaustion can make us do funny things. I’ve put my cell phone in the refrigerator, and milk in my purse, I’ve stepped into the shower still wearing my glasses, and even backed out of the driveway before I realized that I’m wearing slippers instead of shoes. Let’s face it, fatigue throughout this season of motherhood isn’t all fun and games.   

The dangers of being a tired mom.

It is tempting to dismiss exhaustion for moms as a normal part of life yet left unchecked there are some serious dangers. Fatigue can make us feel like we’re a jumbled up mess. Sleepless nights cause us to doubt our abilities and exhaustion can fuel our emotions to run away faster than a freight train without brakes. 
Motherhood is not a mindless task we can blindly get through. We need to be alert and intentional in the choices made throughout the day. Little people depend on us, spouses need us, we have commitments in our church and community. More than ever, we need to be present and show up ready to serve those we love most. 

Resources for the tired mom.

Here, you will find encouragement for those days when even a pot of coffee can’t revive you.  From one tired mom to another, trust me when I say you are not alone. These days are going to fade faster than you realize. Don’t rush through them, take the time to enjoy all the gifts that God has prepared for you.
Together we will learn how to get through the long nights and demanding days so we can be the mom we desire to be.
Until our next chat, 
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