As a mom of children who are several years apart, I’ve discovered it’s easy to forget that the younger child hasn’t experienced a special memory that the older children did. I have to remember this with story time too. I will forget that while I may have read this book four times, Danny Boy’s never heard of it. Anyways, I was thinking back to making animal cookies with my older children when I realized that I’ve never made them for the youngest. What I decided today was the day to make up a batch of the best animal cookie recipe ever!

Friends, I know it’s a gift when we find time to do something special for the family. When we plan a special meal or a big craft project, it can feel overwhelming at times, or maybe it even feels for those moments to be special we had to neglect other moments. I want to encourage you to make memories in the ordinary moments and scatter the big moments sparingly throughout your mothering.

This is an easy recipe that doesn’t take too much time. Enjoy!

Animal Cookie Recipe Mrs. Joseph Wood

Best Animal Cookie Recipe EVER (and it’s all yours for FREE)

1 cup soft butter

1 cup sugar

1 teaspoon salt

One teaspoon vanilla extract

Two teaspoons of lemon juice

Two teaspoons of lemon zest

Blend all those ingredients until smooth and creamy.

3 cups flour

Then add flour to your butter mixture- one cup at a time. Chill for 1 hour.

Then roll out on a floured surface. Cut into shapes. I used these adorable cookie cutters I found on Amazon. (I am sharing this with my Amazon Affiliate link. It doesn’t cost you any extra but helps pay for some of the expense of keeping up the blog. 🙂 )

Bake at 350 for ten min or until golden brown.

*Optional: sprinkle with sugar before baking

I enjoyed the memories I recalled as I pressed out cookies today. I asked several of the children, “Do you remember when we use to make animal cookies?” A few of the children could remember this special treat, but several didn’t. I learned early into my parenting that you never know what memories your child will hold onto so be intentional to make lots of good memories!

Until our next chat,

Mrs. Joseph Wood 

Mrs Joseph Wood

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