There are times in life when it would be easier to accept our circumstances rather than Hope when it hurts. The pain of our current reality can make us lose sight of eternity. Exhaustion causes us to stumble as we take the next step in faith. It’s often impossible to see what God is doing through the tears of our current circumstances.

This nagging question haunts me If we chose to accept the pain of life over the pain of Hope, who have we become?

This is the question my daughter and I discussed recently.  I told her, “I’ve concluded that without Hope we become a wretched people, with calloused hearts, and desensitized minds.”

We don’t Hope because we are naive, unable to face reality, or even because our circumstances have given us a glimpse of light. We Hope because we are now in Christ.

Many refer to world events, life circumstances, or what others say and suggest that for us to Hope is to live in an illusion. I beg to differ.

To live without Hope is to live without God.

Ephesians 2:12  

That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world

We must Hope even when the outcome won’t change. We don’t just hope for a future that is better, or different, than what is. The type of Hope I am talking about is a Biblical Hope, a Hope that is alive and active in our present circumstances. Hope that challenges us to see eternity at work in the present pain. A Hope that brings us to our knees before Christ and says, “Not my will but thy will be done!”


We must Hope without wavering!

Biblical Hope is not an irrational Hope; instead, it is a Hope based on God and His faithfulness toward us.

Consider Abraham.

Romans 4:20

“He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God.”

Can you imagine Hoping, without wavering? I feel so weak in this area; I am always challenged to consider those that went before me and displayed Hope, Faith, and Love when it appeared to be impossible to do so.

God even changed Abrams name from Abram meaning, “Exalted father” to Abraham meaning, “Father of a multitude.” Can you imagine how hard it would be to have your name mean, “exalted father” and have no children? Now consider that the years have passed, the barrenness has etched it’s scar into your heart when God promises you a child and changes your name from “exalted father” to “Father of a multitude.” Abraham was faced with accepting the voices that said, “Move on. Accept Reality. Nothing will change” or accepting the voice of Truth that said, “Hope.”

Hope when it hurts

Hope when it hurts

To the mother who sits at the doctor office with her child, listening as doctors tell her that her child won’t live much longer,  to the mother who drives home praying, “How do I tell the rest of the family?” Who questions, “How do I hope when they say there is no Hope” Please don’t lose Hope! Hope in the face of Hopelessness!! Hope, dear Sister. Hope!

To the woman who fears to hope for her marriage. Who hears the voice of the enemy say, “Accept reality. Move on.” To the woman who has an unfaithful husband, who’s said “You’re forgiven” more times than she can count,  I say Hope!!! Hope even when it hurts!!

To the woman who trembles as she considers the pain of hoping for a child to return to Truth from their rebellious ways. Who hears the enemy mock her saying, “Just face it she/he won’t ever return to Truth.” I say, “Hope! Dear Sister, Hope!!!”

To the sweet bride who lays with her feet up, bleeding early in pregnancy, grasping for Hope as all the ugly faces of reality stare her down, I say Hope!!  Hope sweet bride, Hope!!

Hope is most important, most necessary when it hurts.

Just like courage is only courage when displayed in the place of fear. Hope is only Hope when lived out when it hurts, when life looks hopeless when it would be easier to accept what is, rather than what could be.

What “voices” keep you from Hoping?  What ugly faces of reality greet you each morning?

Dear Sister, be purposeful to listen to the Voice of Truth.

  • Spend time in the Word.
  • Invite the Body of Christ to pray for you and then take those active and purposeful steps toward Hope.
  • Hope, even when it hurts.

Until our next chat.

Mrs. Joseph Wood




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