Several years ago I became convinced that food matters. Some may call me a “foodie” today, I definitely didn’t come to that title naturally.

You have to understand that when I say I’m not the world’s most fabulous cook, I’m not exaggerating. Over the last twenty-six years, we have moved nineteen times. Each move consisted of the smoke detector going off while I was cooking.

On occasion, that included smoke billowing out the front door. Providing good opportunities for us to meet our neighbors for the first time. Trust me when I say, I’ve concocted many bloopers in the kitchen. My mishaps range from food that wasn’t edible to more burnt meals than I can count.

I use to feed my family one dish meals- no side dishes or desserts included. I considered it a success just to get something on the plate! Yet, there was a pivotal moment when that changed.

It was a typical summer day in California. We had been in the adoption process for months, but the placement date arrived by surprise. Overnight our family grew from seven to ten children. Our first day together consisted of organizing rooms, shopping, and doctor appointments.

The dinner hour had passed hours ago. Ten hungry children sat at our handcrafted farm table while I heated food in the microwave. The menu tonight: frozen corn dogs and fries. Waiting to hear the microwave ding I thought, “Lord, thank you for long summer days.” In some way, the late sunset made me feel like I wasn’t as tardy delivering dinner as I was.

I walked across the room, carrying “dinner “on paper plates when a verse came to remembrance. The message was as clear as if I had heard it in my ear.

“A wise woman builds up her house but the foolish tear it down with her own hands.”

Proverbs 14:1

Food Matters

I was familiar with this passage but, I had never considered its application to the food I prepared.

Immediately, I knew what the Lord was telling me.

Food Matters.

The food I feed my family is building them up or tearing them down, there is no neutral ground.

The weeks following, I continued to ponder this idea. I began learning about kombucha, grinding wheat, and making cheese. I started to read books about raising healthy animals. Providing high quality, nutritious, and affordable food became my passion. I began harvesting wild and native plants, caring for my garden soil, and making real food from scratch. I began meeting others who enjoyed these same passions. While I learned a great deal from those relationships, I learned that there is more to learn.

My journey from frozen microwaved dinners to colorful nutrient-rich plates took time. We’re all on our own unique and beautiful journey, aren’t we? Some of us are just leaving the drive-thru while others are picking up organic milk at the local dairy. If you’re like me, you’ve done both, even on the same day. Wherever we are in the process, let’s be supportive to one another, looking at our similarities instead of our differences. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more on this topic. Take time to leave a comment. Share your thoughts and your experiences with me, I would love to cheer you on and learn from you as well.

Until our next chat,

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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