2018 Thanksgiving Resources

These beautiful place cards add a personal touch to your Thanksgiving Table

You can use these cards in an assortment of ways. Use to assign seats at the table or give to your guests when they arrive and ask them to set it by the place at the table. You can even get creative and use them to play a “break the ice” game when your guests arrive. Simply give a card to each person who enters. Ask them to put something down that identifies them, but not their name, and set that by their place at the table. Download your place cards here.

These cards are perfect to hand guests when they arrive so they can share something they are thankful for. Over the years we’ve even had a glass jar they went in or a tree we hung them on. After mealtime, we would go around the table and allow everyone to pull a random card out of the glass jar or off the tree to read to all joining us for the day. It’s a beautiful way to reflect on the abundance we’ve been given. Download your thankful cards now. 

Thankful cards are a simple way for us to share what God has done in our lives.

Giving thanks is an attitude we can cultivate all year long.

These cards are perfect to print out and allow guests to write something they are thankful for on the back of each card. Set aside time at your Thanksgiving table for these to be read aloud. Bible reading at the table is one of my fondest memories with our family. Use these cards and invite your guests to write their favorite Scripture on the back of the card. Then allow everyone to share their verse at the table. Download your give thanks cards now

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