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My services for aspiring fitness and wellness entrepreneurs like you are centered on my areas of expertise in fitness entrepreneurship, disruptive health technologies, social media, and experiences as a Professor of Kinesiology and founder and CEO of a successful corporate fitness management company that I started at age 24 with the White House as my first client (yes that White House) that I then sold; traveled the world, learned more life lessons and played lots of golf.

Ask any of my students and they will tell you that I am not the traditional type of Professor.  Learn from me and you will not be getting armchair theory, or the regurgitated advice of someone trying to pass themselves off as an expert.  You will learn from my real world business and life experiences (and mistakes), not from an outdated textbook or the next “get rich” scheme that our industry unfortunately knows all to well.  Helping entrepreneurs like you is my full-time passion and profession. Your success and desire to dream big and grow places is my absolute priority.

But what do I know? Plenty, and I want to share what I know with you. If I was good enough for the White House for over a decade, am I good enough for you? Let’s talk. I will help you work smarter, not harder to help you reach your business dreams.

Serious inquiries only, please.



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general-icons-29-150x150.png Like you, I’ve wrestled with clarity …

For years, my career was in fitness. I built my company with onsite fitness centers for government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. I sold my company in 2001 to a Corporate Medical company and became a subsidiary focusing on corporate fitness and wellness.  I traveled the world, had a powerful sounding title, wore a suit to the office (hated it), and worked as a high-level executive partner with some of the most famous clients in the world.  I was paid well, lived in a nice neighborhood and drove a fancy car.

But the story behind the story was that while everything looked good on the outside, on the inside I was hurting. The more successful I got at it, the less I wanted to do it. I got into the fitness business (against my Dad’s advice) to help others at a personal level, but here I was working with big corporations, and not at that one-to-one level.  I wanted to help people discover their passions and to help them dream big. I didn’t want the “spotlight.”

It’s funny — how something of sorrow happens that changes your life.  That something for me was in 2006.  My mother was in a Pittsburgh hospital in her final stage of cancer.  My whole family was with her.  She said she wanted to see each of her kids one last time.  I went first.  I sat on the side of her bed, she looked at me and said, “I am so proud of what you’ve done in your life, but you work too hard”!   I left the room in tears. 

She died two days later and, on my drive, back to Washington DC I decided that Mom was right.  I did work too hard and missed too many life events.  So, I went to the Chairman of the company and said – “I’m done”.  He said “What?  You need to think about this – you have the fancy car, the big house, more money than you ever dreamed and a country club membership.  Why would you want to give that all away?”  My answer was simple – “I want to do more”. 

So, a little more than a year after Mom died, I left my high paying job, sold pretty much everything I owned, including my house, and decided to take Mom’s advice and “live”.  I had promised her that at some point in my life, I would earn a master’s degree.  She also loved Ireland, so I combined the two and, in her honor, earned my Master of International Business and Entrepreneurship in Ireland (and played a little golf as well). 

That same year (2010), the Irish government asked if I would be interested in a PhD (they would pay for it).  I thought for a bit (3 more years of fun, golf and travel in Europe with an exciting opportunity to learn even more) and said yes, but only if I could study how we can use mobile phones to improve physical activity through social networks.  So they put me in the School of Engineering and I studied exactly that – disruptive health technology, Twitter and emerging business tools in the fitness industry.

I’ve been blessed to now be able to put all the pieces together – my exercise science education, my entrepreneurial skills, traditional learning of business and technology and my passion to help others to create a very unique and special brand that I hope to be able to share with you.  I now teach future fitness entrepreneurs how to “work smarter, not harder” and to achieve their dream of breaking free from the traditional gym and “dream big”.

Your unique selling proposition …

You and I both know that life isn’t a linear path on a well-paved road. Real life is more like off-roading. Sure, it’s still driving, but off-roading is different — totally different that what they tell you in school. It’s white knuckle. It’s fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants. It’s about instinct. Reaction. Survival. Discovery.

That’s why – if you’ve made it this far to even be reading these words – you’ve probably developed a few skills you’ve never considered. Real-world skills. Instinctual skills. Off-roading skills. Guess what?

These are the very skills you can parlay into a powerful, persuasive, and even profitable brand. And I’m the person that can help you do it. I’ve taken the same flair and artistry I needed to make it in fitness, business and entrepreneurship straight into mentorship and consulting.

My mission is to help forward-thinking fitness professionals like you to dream big and create a fitness business that will give you the freedom to do what you want, when you want and how you want.  The lack of traction, results, and revenue can be maddening. Don’t waste any more of your time or talent on building it alone… call me instead.  Don’t dole out any more money — hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands — on packages or online programs that always seem to overpromise but underdeliver. Call me instead.

You are not alone.

George Orwell said it best, “He who controls the past controls the future.”

Today is the day to take control of the past … so you can control your future. I became a consultant to help you and people like you – those that know they were made for something more than the four walls of a classroom, or even more oppressive – the four walls of a gym.

You’ve got a business to build. I’m going to help you build it. It’s time to go off-roading. This time, I’ll be sitting shotgun with you. You are not alone.


P.S. – I strictly limit the number of fitness professionals I work with. When you hire me, you get my 100% undivided attention … an advantage you get from no other source. Click the button below to fill out a short consulting application. If accepted, you will be contacted to setup a short call to discuss your needs and terms. Thank you.

You would much rather be on the floor, working with clients, pushing them to be the best they can be.  But you know you’ve got to do it.  You have to focus on your business rather than in your business.  Otherwise you’ll soon be out of business, going backwards and working for someone else.  Or worse, you’ll be out of business before you even start.

A profitable personal training brand and business is your key to freedom and impact. You’ve paid your dues: working at a big box gym, endless toil of long commutes, cranky clients, and unbearable bosses. Sure, it’s dressed up to keep you somewhat happy with in a paycheck, a few benefits, maybe even a retirement plan, but it really equates to your own quality of life – less time with family. Less time seeing the world. Less freedom to choose. Less impact you can make upon others.

Questions that keep you awake at night …

You know too much now. You’re too smart to settle, and you know you wield skills that can truly help others and make you money. But do you ever find yourself laying awake at night, burdened with one or more of these questions?

  • “How can I work with more people and make a bigger impact on their lives?

  • “How can I start my own fitness business and break away from the club?“

  • “How would I even start building my own fitness business?”

  • “How can I have the freedom to run my own fitness business?”

  • “How do I build a client base… from scratch?”

  • “How do I promote myself without being pushy, “sales-y”, or slimy?”

  • “How do I present my unique selling proposition … and get people to pay me for it?”

5 Good Reasons We Should Talk Today

  •  You need a specialist: someone that genuinely understands, advises, and mentors high-level achievers who want to be a fitness entrepreneur.

  • You need a new voice: someone that can provide keen perspective and refreshing ideas. You’re too close to the subject (because it’s you!) … I’ll help you define your fitness business in a way you never imagined.

  • You need a trusted partner: someone who has a vested interest in your success, wins only when you win, and has helped others do the same.

  • Save & Add To Library You need a time saver: someone that can free you up and competently work behind-the-scenes, so you can do the things only you can do. 

  • Your need a business coach: you are great with the science of exercise, but need some help understanding and implementing the business side of fitness.

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