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Do you feel overwhelmed and tired of juggling your work, family, and faith?

Jeanette speaks to the soul because she knows our ears are tired.

Living in a noisy world with multiple demands can leave us feeling exhausted.

Having lived off the grid (in a tent) to owning a multi-million dollar company, Jeanette shares personal stories of success and failure. As a mom of 11 and grandmother of 4, Jeanette inspires us to live with eternity in mind no matter how massive or mundane the task may appear.

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What are we really craving?

I finally did it. I told my husband I am ending my longtime affair with buttered popcorn. This break up is long overdue; it has been a relationship since childhood. It's more than the salty, buttery crunch that I crave. It's the memories, the memories so vivid they...

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Invite Jeanette to Speak at Your Next Event

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