Coaching you through life

because life is too important to do alone.

Mrs. Joseph Wood, Jeanette, is often called the “Mom mentor”. Jeanette coaches professionals, homemakers, and students, with one objective, to see them succeed. She firmly believes that life is too important to do alone.  Jeanette is a certified John Maxwell Coach who offers Biblical principals for success.

If you’re tired of being frustrated and running in circles? Then it’s time to contact Jeanette.

Imagine, if you no longer had to work alone. 

How would life be different if you had a coach helping you navigate your way to success? 

Imagine what your life, home, and business would look like if you had a coach and mentor who was on your side.

Jeanette’s coaching services are customized uniquely for each client- no cookie cutter processes here!

Life is too important to do alone!


Individual coaching is 55 min one-on-one time focused on helping you reach your goals. We offer a supportive environment to be authentic and explore the underlying factors, motivations, and mindsets that impact your choices and behaviors. Individual coaching allows you to understand yourself, take ownership of your choices, find solutions and unlock your potential. Individual coaching keeps you focused, inspired, challenged and accountable as you progress toward your goals. 



Our individual coaching packages include bi-weekly 55-minute coaching sessions, including unlimited email communication and support. Packages are fully customized to your needs and goals. We include applicable resources and assessment tools. Sessions can be over Zoom or over the phone

“Successful leaders have the courage to take action while others hesitate.”

John Maxwell

If I could sit at Jeanette’s feet and just soak up her godly wisdom all day long, I would. Jeanette is one of those rare gems whose cup overflows into the very lives around her.

Amy From Ok

The Lord used Jeanette to drastically alter my life into who I am today. Thank you for your example, Jeanette. 

Kristen from KS

Life is too important to do alone!

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